The Classical Ukulele

“An amazing book/CD of famous classical and traditional pieces arranged and performed by John King for GCEA ukulele. Includes pieces by Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Joplin and many others. Bravo!”—Jim Beloff

The Classical UkuleleJim Beloff, longtime champion of the ukulele—and the man largely responsible for kick-starting the instrument into its third wave of global popularity—first approached me about doing a book of classical pieces for his Ukulele Masters series in early 2004, and the finished product hit the store shelves in October of that year. I jumped at the opportunity to be part of this series, which features ukulele legends Herb Ohta and Lyle Ritz. Not sure how I got into that company, but I’m definitely the junior partner! The music runs the gamut from easy, traditional tunes like “Greensleeves” and “Danny Boy” to a couple of mind-bending knuckle busters by the great J. S. Bach. There are also a few duets for two ukuleles, and ukulele and guitar, like Couperin’s flat out gorgeous “Les Barricades Mysteriueses” and Joplin’s jaunty “The Entertainer.” I engraved the music myself with a state-of-the-art piece of software called Sibelius and made the recording with a stock, bottom of the line Fluke (plastic fingerboard, no electronics) that inventor Dale Webb sent me.

The Classical Ukulele

Jumpin’ Jim’s Ukulele Masters presents John King: The Classical Ukulele (music book & CD), a collection of 19 classical and traditional works ingeniously arranged for ukulele by John King. While this book is ideal for more experienced players, all of the arrangements are written in standard notation and tablature so that anyone can play without having to read music. Most amazing is how well these famous pieces by J. S. Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Joplin and others translate to the ukulele. Works include “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring,” “Für Elise,” “Chop Sticks,” “Greensleeves,” “Danny Boy” and “The Entertainer.” Also included is a CD of all of the arrangements magnificently performed by John King himself. All works are arranged for GCEA tuned ukuleles. Sheet music book and audio CD. 64 pp., ISBN 0634079794.

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